You Are Amazing...

You are amazing…

In many ways and…
Everyday you nudge me to wake,
You mold and you make,
my day a delight
and in my fight,
You stand beside me
You override me,
and You win the battle for me,
because You love me.
You define love like no human being can;
I can’t understand
how You continually command
a presence of love and care.
You are always aware of my fears
and you keep Your mind there to bear the burden of my troubles.
You find me in the rubble and You pull me from the debris, and now I see.

You are amazing…

You’re never fading
from my sight.
It just wouldn’t be right,
someone would have to take You from me with all of their might
and reach a new height of fight.
They just don’t know how much You mean to me,
You seem to me,
to be everpresent,
and never a lesser extent of what Your true being is,
You handle Your biz.
You being absent from my breathing would be a reason to cede,
a reason to plead for a second chance in this life to enhance.
And I ask that You prance in my presence with Your grace,
and replace this new sorrow that I have grown,
make it unknown to me,
when You're done I want to be a new person with all the past pains erased
me being able to face a new night not scared of the plight, or how the pain cries, and I realize.

You are amazing…

From beginning to days end
You woe me
and not only put me at a stand still,
You keep me going.
You’re always knowing
who I am at core, and I find myself asking for more of your time,
to be near the nature of Your sublime.
You can find me looking for You in the things that I do in lieu of the bewilderment
I stay focused on You.
When I lay down I feel so relieved because You have put me at ease.
You paint my mind with dreams and my soul leans on you for support
with any sort of problem that comes its way.
The last thing that I’ll say is that You continually please us,
and I dearly thank You Jesus.

You are amazing.

April 19, 2006


the Spirit

I am surrounded by a Spirit.

It is ever-expansive.

It is so close that I know It is real.

The closer It gets the realer It feels.

I want to feel, so I walk closer, through and in It.

I breathe It in.

As I believe and breathe in, I breathe and believe in the Spirit.

The power of the Spirit is unlimited, It is unbridled but I want to wed with It.

I want my spirit to intertwine with It and know a freedom only known through that medium.

Hi and lo It can bring me, to revere and fear the way I should, the way I want to.

My existence is in the middle of It and in a daze as the days go by, I am passively existing at a moment, then coming to life and actively involved in the midst.

At a very small place in time I know It all completely and succinctly, but then It fades as if It were never existing.

Then my being folds back into the very vastness of the system.

I was always one with the Spirit because It was with me from the very beginning.

It followed me wherever I went. It watched over me and protected me with Its immense power.

With every hour of every lifetime I’ve lived It’s watched me with Its eyes from every corner.

Through the dark and the light the Spirit has guided me and led me to heights I could not imagine on my own.

Thrown into a new place in space, light, time, stop.

Spoken through a word the world and I came into existence before the sight of the Spirit!

And then the Spirit revealed It was more. The Spirit is more.

So much more that It cannot all be seen, heard, felt, at once.

It cannot be fully comprehended. But that piece and peace that It reveals to you is all you need on the path of discovery.

You are one.

Spirit is.

May 31, 2010